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Commercial Countertop Combination Steam Oven for Bakeries LT-WZ6-G119

This tabletop steam oven can realize 3 cooking modes including steaming, roasting, steaming and roasting. The baking time, temperature, humidity and other parameters can be individually preset through the smart touch screen model.
  • LT-WZ6-G119

  • Lestov

Product Size:

Model No

Power Options 19KW
Voltage 380V, 3 Phase, 50HZ
Product Sizes 850*778*833mm
Baking Tray Size 400*600mm
Product Capacity 90L
Specification 1 Deck 6 Trays
Control Way
Material Stainless steel
Package way Carton Box

Product Features:

  • Humidity, time, power, temperature segment control settings

  • The temperature probe ensures the degree of doneness inside the food

  • Can store 100 custom recipes, easy to operate and editable at any time

  • Secondary door design, emergency stop when opening, safe and reliable

  • Multi-functional steaming and roasting integration, three modes are easy to use.

  • Double-layer high temperature resistant glass, excellent thermal insulation effect.

  • Bake mode for 5 minutes at 300 ℃,Steaming mode reach humidity 100% and 130℃

  • 10-inch touch screen control, one-key operation, one-key automatic lock to prevent misoperation;

  • One-button cooling function, quickly cool down the oven cavity temperature for low-temperature cooking or cleaning;

  • 3 automatic cleaning modes can be selected, which can easily solve the problem of food residue in the oven cavity.

Product Details:

commercial steam oven

convection steam oven

steam convection oven

The Advantages of Induction convection baking:

  1. Induction baking directly conducts heat, and the thermal efficiency reaches 93%;

  2. With premium heating configuration, it provides stable, strong and efficient heat;

  3. Convection roasting transfers heat to the food on each layer of the pan for even roasting;

  4. The baking power, temperature, time and humidity of the oven can be precisely adjusted;

  5. Induction ovens with no open flames and no gas leaks are safer and more environmentally friendly;

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