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Double Basket Induction Commercial Deep Fat Fryer With Caters

Commercial deep fryer with casters is an ideal combination of efficiency and volume, which is an excellent choice for restaurants who want to increase pop-out profit!
  • LT-TZL-S135/105
  • Lestov

  • Product Size:

Commercial Freestanding Electric Induction Turkey Fryer
Item Model: LT-TZL-S135/105
Product Size: D450*W800*H800+150mm
Power: 12KW
Voltage: 380V, 3 phase
Fryer Basket Size: 160*310*130mm
Oil Tank Size: 400*475*200mm
Oil Tank Capacity: 27L
Switch Control Way: Knob+Push-button
Warranty: 1Year
Package Way: Carton Box

  • Product Features:

  • All stainless steel body structure to ensure durability and hygiene

  • Exclusive long-life element design: Germany “Infineon” IGBT

  • Omron thermostat to ensure accurate temperature readings

  • 5cm length temperature control probe to provide excellent accuracy

  • The 1-inch oil drain valve to easily control the discharge of oil

  • The backplate bends outward to block the rat hole

  • Bent outward of the front plate to prevent water

  • With four 5-inch casters design, easy for fryer cleaning or maintenance

  • product Details:


  • Product views:


  • Why choose a commercial induction fryer?

  • It is specially designed for commercial use and meets the requirements of restaurants for high volume, high power and high efficiency.

  • Equipped with a thermostat that precisely adjusts temperature and heating power, and an 8-speed power knob to provide standardized, low-fat, and low-consumption frying effects.

  • The use of clean energy - electricity, meets the requirements of prohibiting gas stoves in public places. It is an environmentally friendly and efficient cooking equipment.

  • The induction fryer is different from the immersion frying of the electric fryer and the open flame cooking of the gas fryer. It is a safe frying equipment without an open flame, direct heat conduction, and high efficiency.

  • Advanced induction heating technology:

The high-frequency alternating current generate an alternating magnetic field which is continuously changed direction by the coil disk, and a vortex is generated inside the pot body in the alternating magnetic field, and the food is directly heated by the heat generated by the pot body.

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