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Commercial Restuarant Steamer Convection Food Steamer Cooker

  • LT-GZ41-1
  • Lestov

Product Details:

Product Name:            Commercial countertop steamer
Product Model:LT-GZ41-1
Voltage:220V, Single phase
Material:Stainless steel #304
Appliaction: Fish,Baozi, Meat and other food
Warranty1 year

Product Features:

1. All stainless steel, internal boring and drawing rounded corner design, no dead corners, easy to clean
2. Efficient heating control, rapid heating
3. The electronic version can store 50 commonly used menus, which can be used conveniently for a long time
4. 360-degree hot air heating, steam function, no dead ends, more uniform temperature
5. The spray function of the steam boiler ensures sufficient steam
6. Meat needle temperature detection function can ensure the cooked food inside
7. Hot and cold air exchange, steam exhaust function, no smell during baking
8. Fully automatic three-level cleaning function, allowing you to save more labor

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