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Freestanding Automatic Intelligent cooking Robot Fried Rice cooker Electromagnetic Roller Wok

Freestanding Automatic Intelligent cooking Robot Fried Rice cooker Electromagnetic Roller Wok is widely using in catering chains, takeaways, snack shops, canteens, industrial kitchen, and so on
  • LT-CD300L7-A105

  • Lestov

Product Size:

Product name:

Freestanding Automatic Intelligent cooking Robot  Fried Rice cooker

Product Size:


Rated Voltage:


Rated Power:


Product Material:

Stainless steel #304

Drum pot material:

Stainless steel #443/Cast Iron

Drum Pot Size:


Pot Capacity:


Display screen

7-inch multi-functional touch screen

Package Way:

Wooden Box


Store 1000 recipes

Safety protection:

with emergency stop function

Detect temperature:

Infrared test


intelligent voice function


catering chain, takeaway, snack shop and other places

Suitable for:

automatic cooking of fried dishes, fried rice, fried flour, fried noodles, spicy chicken, spicy pot, crayfish, spicy shrimp and crab, fried meat floss, fried sauce, fried dried fruit, fried tea, etc

Product Features:

  • Cook up food in 3 minutes or less: For fast-food restaurants with a high proportion of takeaways, commercial automatic cooking machines should be the most economical choice.

  • Save your labor costs: From a labor cost perspective, a chef can operate 3 pieces of automatic cooking machines, which means that one restaurant can save at least 60% of the chef’s cost per year.

  • Save your energy costs: Electromagnetic Induction Heating (Electricity saving) The robot stir fry machine uses induction heating to save 30-40% of electricity usage compared to Electricity Heating Element and it is safer.

  • Easy to clean: A drum bucket is made with non-stick material and has a high-temperature resistance at 300 degrees. Designed with a dumped structure within 45-degree can avoid the possible risk of burns due to pouring down food.

  • With 7-inch Multi-Function LED Display: Easy to operate the machine, control the rotate speed and orientation.

Product Details:




Why choose automatic cooking machine?

  • Follow the recipe mode to serve quick, standard, healthy dishes.

  • Fully automated cooking process, from frying, pouring, cleaning.

  • 1000 recipes can be pre-stored, editable and intelligent cooking.

  • 3-layer thickened composite material wok, 360° all-round heating, non-toxic and non-stick.

  • Multi-angle adjustable, providing even, delicious and efficient stirring effect of ingredients.

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