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The 25th China Chef's Day: Chinese food International Competition

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The 25th China Chef's Day: Chinese food International Competition

Lestov induction cooker makes cooking so easy for chefs.

On September 10th, the 25th China Chef's Day hosted by the China Cuisine Association and the Guangdong Catering Service Industry Association was grandly opened in Guangzhou. Chinese famous chefs, provincial and city culinary representatives, and International Chefs Federation, International representatives of the culinary community gathered to discuss the taste in Yangcheng city. Many professional buyers and industry stakeholders gathered here to watch exhibitions and enjoy delicious food. It was very lively!

On the first day, Chinese cooking national finals and the Chinese food skill innovation competition become a start of the cooking competition. As the only assigned commercial induction cookers in this competition (Read our honors to know more), Lestov induction cooktops help famous chefs show a shocking culinary skills. Various skills and cuisines are dazzling.

The 25th China Chef's Day

Focus on the competition:

Dragon's beard noodle making: the noodles are extremely meticulous. Chefs need to handle the noodles lightly and control the heat. If the oil temperature is too high, the color of the noodle is dark yellow and the texture is too hard; If the oil temperature is too low, the noodle is too soft.

The 25th China Chef's Day: a chef are cooking noodles

Double burners induction wok cooker with stock pot have features of quick heating and precise temperature control, so the temperature of the fried dragon's noodles can be just right, and the noodle silk can be stiff and creamy!

China Chef's Day 3

With the enthusiasm of the people and the light background music, the celebrity chefs from different regions are cooking in an orderly way. Several culinary representatives on-site gave their feedback that the firepower of Lestov commercial induction stoves are very strong and easy to operate. They love these induction products.

China Chef's Day 4

The competition is too fierce. The masters gathered on the competition and spared no effort to show their talents, and the wonderful cooking techniques won the recognition and loud applause from people. The exhibition area of the culinary works of the event is even more crowded. Delicious dishes cause people to take  photos.

Chinese cooking culture has a long history. With the development of cooking culture, kitchen cookware are also changed continually. In the 21st century, cooking cultural is prosper. Intelligent commercial induction cooking has completely replaced traditional gas stove and became the biggest protagonist of commercial kitchen cooking.

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