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Square Built-in Induction Cooker for Buffet Warming

This commercial induction hob built-in features a drop-in design, so it can fit right in your countertops, and its ceramic surface heats up five times faster than conventional hot plates.
  • LT-QPM
  • Lestov
  • 8516601000

Product Quick Details:

Built-in induction cooker with steel around





200 mm


400 mm


400 mm

Electric Requirement


3500w /  5000w


220 v


1 Ph

Stainless steel # 201 / Stainless steel # 304

Cord length

1.5 meter

Open-Hole Size 385*385 mm

Glass Size

330*330 mm

Glass thickness

4 mm

Cookware Material

Stainless steel, iron, cast iron

With A Timer

Packing Type

Carton box

Net Weight

10 kg

Shipping Weight

20 kg


1 year




Home, restaurants, cooking stations, catering, hot-pot store, buffet store, etc

Cooking Ways

Stir-frying, boiling, heating and simmering...

Product Size:

Model Size (mm) Power(Kw) Volt(V)
Depth Width Height 
QX-QPM-C135 400 400 200 3.5 220
5 220

Product Features:

  • 360 degree knob switch makes the cooking operation simple and convenient;

  • High-strength glass-ceramic, 4 mm thickness, the load-bearing capacity of one burner is about 50 kg;

  • A timer allows you to set time as you want;

  • Perfect safety features, such as an empty pan cut off and 3 hours auto shutoff, over / low voltage protection, overheat protection, over current protection;

  • More than 95% energy efficiency and eco-conscious designs;

  • Be adaptable to voltage fluctuation, range from 180~240v;

  • 5 firepower settings with different power allow you to cook and heat freely;

  • Easy to read LED display, IPX3 protection level.

Product Views:

Built-in induction range

Product Core Configuration:

PCB board of induction cooktop

Advanced induction heating technology:

Heat the food, don't heat the chef. Induction heating technology makes induction cookers generate only heat in the cooking pan itself, which means outside the pot there is no energy to heat the environment, also means you can reduce the use cost in the kitchen.

induction cooking

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