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Large Intelligent Cooker Robot Automatic Robot Cooking Machine for Restaurant

Here, look at these modern automatic stir fry cookers for sale! One intelligent robot cooking machine can cook food in 3 minutes or less, which makes it’s equivalent to 3 chefs! Through induction cooking, the automatic cooking machine can hit over 90% in terms of energy efficiency.
  • LT-GQ70
  • Lestov

Product Details:

Product name:Automatic Cooking Machine Commercial Restaurant  Stir Fry Machine 
Product Size:1120*1250*1350mm
Rated Voltage:380V
Rated Power:30KW
Product Material:Stainless steel #304
Drum pot material:Stainless steel #443/Cast Iron
Drum Pot Size:700*700mm
Pot Capacity:30-35kg
Display screen10-inch multi-functional touch screen
Package Way:Wooden Box
Menu:Store 800 recipes
Safety protection:with emergency stop function
Detect temperature:Infrared test
Voice:intelligent voice function
Application:catering chain, takeaway, snack shop and other places
Suitable for:automatic cooking of fried dishes, fried rice, fried flour, fried noodles, spicy chicken, spicy pot, crayfish, spicy shrimp and crab, fried meat floss, fried sauce, fried dried fruit, fried tea, etc


  • Save your labor costs: From a labor cost perspective, a chef can operate 3 pieces of automatic cooking machines, which means that one restaurant can save at least 60% of the chef’s cost per year.

  • Multi-Function Intelligent LED Display: Automatic intelligent cooking robot machine is easy to read the data and operate.

  • Electromagnetic Induction Heating: The device uses induction heating to save 30-40% of electricity usage compared to Electricity Heating Element and is safer.

  • Non-Stick Pot and Integration Base Design: It is safe and durable. And can extend the service life of the auto stir-frying cooking machine.

  • High-temperature ceramic coating: Thickening coating on the inner wall of the pot, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, there is a stirring bar in the barrel.

  • High-quality high-pressure spray gun: With 2 Meter hose spray gun make it easy to clean

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