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Industry Electric Bakery Oven Commercial Rotary Rack Oven 16/32/64 Trays

This Rotary Oven is applicable for meat,bread,mooncake, toast,biscuit,cake,etc. Proven round baking design,engineered for uniform heat distribution. biscuit baking machine Good performance for keeping temperature. High heating efficiency
  • WFC-D16/D32/D64

  • Lestov

Product Details:

Item Model:WFC-D16WFC-D32WFC-D64
Prodcut Size:1300*2100*2250mm2000*2100*2250mm2600*2350*2300mm
Capacity:16 trays32 trays64 trays
Material:Stainless Steel
Applicatable Place:
Private baking, Bakery, Central kitchen, etc.
Applicatable Product:Meat,bread,mooncake, toast,biscuit,cake,etc


  1. Electric Rotary Oven is a multi-function oven that can meet the needs of a wide range of baking products,including bread /pastry/ traditional chinese snacks/nuts/beef jerky.....    

  2. The air flows from the bottom up to the stainless steel baking chamber,and the air recirculation fans controls  the horizontal flow of air, so that the heat is transferred evenly between the  products.

  3. The surface around the oven and  furnace are made of stainless steel  and aluminum plate.

  4. Intelligent control  system,automatic/ manual program control,8 groups of date storage and memory function, different  angles display  clearly, guide users to operate quickly.  

  5. Innovation  hot air circulation system, It only takes 10-15 minutes to heat up 200 ℃.

  6. Imported Burner, high ignition rate, flameout larm, high heating efficiency.

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