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3 Deck Oven/Pizza Oven/High-Capacity Bakery Equipment Supplies

High capacity 3 decks pizza oven,allow you to rapidly and evenly bake muffins, loaves of bread, rolls, cookies and more. These deck ovens are also great for roasting meats and making pizzas.Bakery Equipment Supplies-Lestov
  • LT-WFC-306DE

  • Lestov

Product Details:

ModelCapacityVoltage (v)Power (kw)Temperature (℃)Inner Size (mm)Dimensions (mm)
WFC-102DE1 deck 2tray220/3806.60~400870*630*2201220*800*590
2 deck 4tray38013.20~400870*630*220*21220*800*1250
WFC-306DE3 deck 6tray38019.80~400870*630*220*31220*800*1640


  • Automatic Detection System: Over temperature power-off protect, automatic detection system,temp.drop will automatically rise.

  • Far Infrared Heating Tube: Six far infrared heating tubes can  be added to bake pizza.

  • SS Manufaturing: The Whole shell is made of Thickened 201/304 stainless steel.

  • Visual Window: The Window design is convenient to observe the baking effect.

  • Independent Deck Controls: Independent deck controls and separate , You will be able to successfully manage two different orders simultaneously with ease.

  • High-speed heat dissipation system:  Good Heat dissipation system to extand the service life of the deck oven.

  • The Caster With Brake:  The commercial deck oven can be 360° flexible moving  and anti-slip.

Production Process:

Material Purchase → Board cutting → Material Processing → Welding → Polishing → Fill cotton → Spray coating → Installation Assembly → Test Machine → Cleaning → Packaging → Entering warehouse

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