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Commercial Baking Equiment Electric Spiral Dough Mxier

A commercial dough mixer can often be one of the most time saving machines in the professional kitchen. Sometimes simply called food mixers, these are designed to take all the stress and strain out of mixing large quantities - ideal for bakeries, restaurants, pizzerias and more.
  • HF10-HF50
  • Lestov

Product Details:

ModelVoltage(V)Power(KW)Bowl Volume(L)Max Kneading Capacity(KG)Mixing Speed(R/min)Bowl speed(R/min)Net Weight(KG)Dimensions(MM)


1. Removable bowl: The bowl is made of stainless steel and is easy to remove thanks to a bayonet lock. Care-free handling is thus ensured.

2. Industrial motor: The heart of our dough kneading machines is a robust industrial motor that shows its strength even with heavy doughs. The quiet operating noise level and good footing of the machines prove it.

3.Timer: The integrated timer allows an easy setting and monitor of the duration of the kneading time. The machine automatically switches off after the set time and prevents over-kneading of the dough.

4. A sturdy base will keep the mixer in place while handling the rigors of commercial establishments.

5. Spiral mixer design mixes dough more efficiently than other mixing styles.

6. With auto-stop feature allows for multi-tasking in a busy kitchen.

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