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Drum Type Commercial Intelligent Cooking Machine Automatic Stir Fryer for Restaurants

  • LT-GQ36
  • Lestov

Parameters Details:

Commercial Stir Fryer Cooker





Electric Requiremet

8000W, 3V, 3 Phase

Drum Pot Size


Drum Pot Capacity


Packing Type

Wooden box


Satinles steel #304


1 year



Dumping Control WayManual Control
Heating WayCommercial Induction Heating


Fast food Restaurants, Cooking Stations, Catering, Takeway Store, etc


  • High efficiency: One machine equals 3-5 people and can work for a long time. Commercial automatic cooking machines should be the most economical choice.

  • Big capacity: More than 5 servings of dishes(2.5-3kg) can be fried at a time, and the amount of fried dishes and rice is larger.

  • Reasonable angle and water gun design: Range from 0 to 45 degree, multifunctional cooking machine is perfect for pouring out dishes. A built-in rinsing water gun make cleaning so easy.

  • Easy to operate: Knob speed control + magnetic control 5 gear operation, 3 minutes to start.

  • Non-stick drum pot can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees. Special internal capstan design inside the drum allows the food and seasonings to be fully mixed to improve the uniformity of the taste.

  • As an added benefit, working in the cooler and cleaner environment can reduce staff turnover.

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