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Built-in Filtration Systems Induction Commercial Deep Fat Fryer

The open frypot commercial fryer with filtration system is an ideal combination of efficiency and volume. It is an excellent addition to any restaurant looking to increase profits from popular fried foods!
  • LT-TAL
  • Lestov

Product Details:

Item Model:LT-TAL
Product Size:D700*W900*H800+150mm
Oil Tank Size:453*580*180mm
Fryer Basket Size:160*310*130mm
Filter Car Size:450*330*350mm
Power Options:12KW
Rated Voltage:380V, 3 phase
Oil Tank Capacity:30L
Switch Control Way:Push-button
Product Material:Stainless Steel #304
Warranty:1 Year


1.Built-in filtration system to make the filtering process easier

2.Exclusive long-life element design: Germany “Infineon” IGBT

3.Programmable controls to preset and store time and temperature for 6 menus

4.Sound alarm Four-digit countdown timer and accurate temperature readings

5.All stainless steel body structure to ensure durability and hygiene

6.The 1-inch oil drain valve to easily control the discharge of oil

7.The backplate bends outward to block the rat hole

8.Bent outward of the front plate to prevent water

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