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Secrets to an Efficient Commercial Kitchen

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Secrets to an Efficient Commercial Kitchen


How does a commercial induction cooker work?

In short, commercial induction cookers use the principle of electromagnetic induction to achieve heating. Electric current moves through the coil under the commercial induction cooker, generating eddy currents, causing the iron content of the iron pot to collide with the eddy currents at high speed and eventually generate heat, thereby heating.



Are commercial kitchens turning to induction?

 Commercial induction cookers have become an indispensable modern cooking toolbut are relatively rare in other places such as the Americas. For a long time, European chefs have relied on commercial induction cooktops to cook world-class food.

 People in the Americas may still be slowly accepting this new technology.



 Why Commercial Kitchens Are Suitable for Commercial Induction Cooktops


Modern commercial kitchens pay attention to cleanliness, environmental protection, and efficiency, which coincides with commercial induction cookers.Commercial induction cookers use open flame-free technology. It has no waste gas emissions and can effectively cool down and improve the working environment.



 A commercial induction cooker is a good helper 


Safety: All internal coils of commercial induction cookers are designed to be waterproof. If the chef splashes onto the surface of the induction cooker during cooking, there will be no danger of leakage.


Efficient: The heat of commercial induction cookers accumulates at the bottom of the pot, allowing rapid heating. The restaurant can choose a four-burner or six-burner induction cooker, which can cook multiple dishes at the same time.


Easy to clean: The surface of the commercial induction cooker is made of crystallized glass, which can clean with just a gentle wipe, keeping the kitchen clean. We try to keep the surface of the commercial induction cooker dry and moisture-proof so that the commercial induction cooker can have a longer life.


 Standard processThe induction cooker provides precise temperature control, allowing cooking at accurate temperatures to produce standard and exquisite dishes.



Are induction cookers more expensive than gas cookers?


Commercial induction cookers and gas stoves are both common cooking equipment in commercial kitchens, so which one can save you more costs? We can perform the following analysis:

1. The purchase price of commercial induction cookers is higher than that of gas stoves because commercial induction cookers use higher-tech parts. For example, Lestov 's range of commercial induction cooktops uses IGBT components from German Infineon. These parts are expensive, so commercial induction cooktops are slightly more expensive to purchase than gas cooktops.


2. Commercial induction cookers are very convenient to install and use. You don’t need to set up additional ventilation ducts, because commercial induction cookers have no open flames. You only need to plug in the power and the machine can be used.


3. The energy cost of commercial induction cookers is much lower than that of gas stoves. The energy usage rate of commercial induction cookers is more than 95%. It hardly wastes your energy! Unfortunately, the energy efficiency of gas furnaces is only about 35%, and the remaining energy is lost in the air through combustion. What a waste.


Conclusion: Although the purchase cost of a commercial induction cooker is relatively high, in the long run, a commercial induction cooker will save you more energy costs. It is easy to maintain and will not cause dangerous incidents such as gas explosions. Therefore, choosing a commercial induction cooker may be a suitable choice for you.





 What types of commercial induction cookers are there?


Wok: Commercial induction wok series usually have a round bottom design, suitable for cooking Asian dishes, and are used by many Asian restaurants. There are large and small works to choose from.


 Cooktop: usually consists of several burners. It can produce different dishes at the same time. It has the functions of boiling, stir-frying, and frying. It has the functions of boiling, stir-frying, frying, etc.


Automatic cooking machine: The automatic cooking machine series is a good helper for chefs


Griddle: Compared with traditional griddles, electromagnetic griddles can more accurately control temperature and perform functions such as grilling and frying.


Overall, commercial induction cooktops are fast, safe, efficient, and a perfect cooking tool for busy commercial kitchens.





 Commercial induction cooker selection:

-Commercial induction cooker technology is becoming increasingly mature, but how should we choose a product suitable for commercial kitchens? Here are some suggestions for your reference:


1. Brand

When purchasing a commercial induction cooker, choose a manufacturer with a good reputation so that you can have a good after-sales guarantee. Manufacturers with high brand awareness have high market recognition and have been verified to ensure that the quality of the commercial induction cooker you purchase is guaranteed.


2. Material

The material of a commercial induction cooker directly affects the quality. When choosing an induction cooker, we choose 201 or 304 stainless steel. This material is easy to wipe and also prevents rust. When purchasing, we also pay attention to choosing double-layer thickened coils. Double-layer thickened coils can make commercial induction cookers heat more evenly.


3. Number of people dining

Generally speaking, small restaurants use 3500w and 5000w commercial induction cookers. Commercial induction cookers with these powers can make portions for 15 people at a time. If your commercial kitchen usually has a large amount of cooking, you can choose a commercial induction cooker with higher power such as 8kw or 12kw, which can satisfy more than 30 people at one time.



 Lestov product range

1.3500 W/5000 W Stainless Steel Tabletop Induction Cooker

1 (7)


It has eight adjustment levels, if you run a small restaurant, you can choose it. 3500W/5000W stainless steel desktop induction cooker has overheating protection, automatic power off after 3 hours, and many other practical functions.





 2. Countertop Commercial Double Induction Cooker 3500 Watt

2 (4)


The Countertop Commercial Double Induction Cooker 3500 Watt is a commercial induction cooktop with two burners, made of 201 stainless steel material for easy wiping and cleaning.It has multiple functions such as boiling, frying, stir-frying, etc. It also has an LED display function.


3.4 Burner Commercial Countertop Induction Cooker

3 (2)

4 Burner Commercial Countertop Induction Cookers can prepare dishes for more than fifty people at one time, saving energy for the chef. This machine is suitable for large restaurants, factories, hotels, and other places with a large number of diners.

Contact Lestov to provide you with a one-stop customized service solution.


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