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Large Dough Mixer Commercial Flour Dough Kneader For Bakery

Designed with commercial applications in mind, this automatic dough kneader durable fixed 200L stainless steel bowl and can handle a flour capacity of 75kg . Whether you're prepping pizzas, cookies, or bread, you'll notice a notable uptick in your kitchen efficiency once you install this unit in your establishment.
  • HF200-HF300
  • Lestov

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ModelVoltage(V)Power(KW)Bowl Volume(L)Max Kneading Capacity(KG)Net Weight(KG)Dimensions(MM)


1. Easy-to-Use Control Panel: This spiral dough mixer has an intuitive control panel that includes a timer, which will keep careful track of how long the mixer churns and prevent the dough from becoming overworked.

2. Auto-Stop Failsafe: As a built-in precaution, the mixer has an auto stop failsafe that will turn off the unit once the timer hits zero, which is helpful for when employees are preoccupied with other tasks throughout the kitchen.

3. Grated Lid for Safety: mixer also features a steel grated lid that allows for ingredients such as flour to be added to the dough as it is mixing without having to shut it off. The grate also keeps employees from sticking their hands in the bowl when the mixer is on, improving safety.

4. Industrial motor: The heart of our dough kneading machines is a robust industrial motor that shows its strength even with heavy doughs. The quiet operating noise level and good footing of the machines prove it.

5. A sturdy base will keep the mixer in place while handling the rigors of commercial establishments.

6. Spiral mixer design mixes dough more efficiently than other mixing styles.

7. With auto-stop feature allows for multi-tasking in a busy kitchen.