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Kitchen solution of traditional classic dishes: Er-he Guan

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Kitchen solution of traditional classic dishes: Er-he Guan

Adhere to the traditional classic Henan cuisine and the national banquet dish in the first place, Chinese culinary master Mr. Li Zhi Shun established the Er-He-Guan which was originally the name of an old restaurant located in the chefs' hometown-Changchun Country. All kitchen cooking equipment of Er-He-Guan use Lestov induction cooktops. The kitchen has become a demonstration store for bright kitchens.

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Mr. Li ZhiShun said: "Quality cooking equipment is very important. But more important is that excellent chefs need to know the material and mix with the ingredients. The rich knowledge helps to develop the essential taste and nutrition of the raw materials." Here, you can witness the birth of each dish with your own eyes. This meticulous operation allows you to understand what is the artisan spirit!

 demonstration shop of induction kitchen: Er-he Guan-1

demonstration shop of induction kitchen: Er-he Guan-2

When a person is tired of the right and wrong from the world, he or she will eventually return to the source and feel the true meaning of life. The taste of people is the same. When you are tired of eating the new, strange and special food that are full of excitement, you can appreciate the thickness and kindness of traditional dishes.


There is no menu in the store of the Er-He-Guan, and it is served by the standard of the state banquet. The diners set the per capita consumption level, and chefs serve the diners with suitable dishes according to the season. Every dish is scientifically researched, not fat, good for the body, delicate and delicious.


Here introduced several dishes for your enjoy:

"Sour and spicy mullet egg soup" is a Taiwanese soup of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse that was praised by Mr. Deng Xiaoping as "the first Chinese soup". This dish was made with natural sour sauce, which made the soup "sour without vinegar, spicy no pepper", reaching the highest level of soup.

a Taiwanese soup from induction kitchen: Er-He-Guan-1

"Buddha Jumping Wall" is made by Mr. Hou Ruixuan who is the chief chef of the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. On the basis of the traditional soup technique, he used the finest chicken soup to join the aged flower carving wine. This dish is characterized by a pleasant fragrance, a mellow taste and no greasy.

dish from induction kitchen: Er-He-Guan-2

There is never a missing interesting story here: When the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse hosted the US President Reagan, he never ate seafood because he hated the fish and never eats seafood, but he couldn't stand the temptation of fresh and delicious food, so he finally finished eating the dish.

noodles from induction kitchen: Er-He-Guan-3

Lamian noodles 1

There is never a lack of wonderful performances here. Every day at noon, there will be “stained eyes”, you can witness how the flour is pulled into thin strips. The noodles in the Er-He-Guan are hand-knife dials. Customers are not only eating noodles, but also enjoying full of happiness.

 dish from induction kitchen: Er-He-Guan-4

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