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Integrated Hood System For Oil Fume Purification

Oily fume purification integrated smoke hood is widely used in hotels, schools, factories, canteens, governments, and other institutions to provide a clean, green, and environmentally friendly environment for people
  • LF-CYZ-1800
  • Lestov

Integrated hood system for oil fume purification


Three Advantages:

  • intelligent control system

  • Stable European and American quality power supply

  • Extremely high quality aviation aluminum high and low voltage electric field

  • Extremely high quality aviation aluminum high and low voltage electric field:


The electrode plate is made of aviation aluminum material and processed through dozens of processes, with high strength, good electrical conductivity, and strong corrosion resistance.

High precision machining process is adopted to control the electric field electrode plate spacing within ± 0.2mm, improving purification efficiency.

The electric field support components are made of high-strength special steel to increase structural strength, reduce vibration during electric field operation, and improve purification efficiency.

Ceramic insulators of the same grade as high-speed railway are used, which have high strength, good water resistance, and high voltage resistance

Stable quality power supply:

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Advanced digital voltage doubling power supply design

Imported electronic components, industrial standard, long service life

Can have the function of delayed start, constant voltage, and current stabilization

Short circuit, open circuit, overload, overcurrent, ignition, arcing protection functions

Purification principle:


Primary purification: front steel mesh and oil purification to remove large particles of oil smoke: Using gaseous pollutants with different saturated vapor pressures at different temperatures and pressures, under the action of gravity and collision principles, condensation of some pollutants can purify about 60% of oil smoke particles above 10u m.

Secondary purification: metal filter · oil purification, using multi-layer stainless steel corrugated wire mesh to filter oil smoke, and uniform air dispersion, can purify about 65% of large oil smoke particles.

Three-level purification: High voltage electric field · Clean smoke and clean oil. The oil fume passes through the high voltage electric field, and the strong electric field makes the oil fume particles charged, becoming charged particles. The aluminum alloy integrator allows charged particles to reach the second stage of the integrator, and then the particles collide with the collecting electrode and are immediately adsorbed by the collecting electrode. It can purify about 98% of the soot particles above 0.1u m.

Fourth level purification: UV lamp · odor purification, UV lamp tube has two wavelengths of 254nm and 185nm. When the oil smoke passes through the action area of the UV lamp, 254 nm ultraviolet light cuts off the molecular chain of the oil, thereby achieving the oil purification effect. At the same time, the 185nm outer cable reacts with oxygen in the air to generate ozone, which oxidizes the odor molecules in the lampblack into water, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of white powder to achieve deodorization effect

Standard configuration

1:Oil fume purification integrated hood - standard



2:Integrated hood for oil fume purification - for steam cabinets, cooking stoves, and scalding stoves



Introduction to purification system configuration



Field Cases


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