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How Chinese cuisine passes down from generation to generation?

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How Chinese cuisine passes down from generation to generation?

Chinese cuisine has 34 cuisines, 108 factions and tens of thousands of classic dishes, and its diversity supports the catering culture of the Chinese nation.

Chinese cooking is a technique as well as an art. For a certain dish, it has prescribed actions, but also allows some changes. The chefs would grasp the taste and cooking heat by understanding the different characteristics of the food and the needs of the customers. So far, induction cooktops are the trend for commercial kitchen, especially for Asian dishes.

How is the unique Chinese food system inherited? We think mainly there are four ways.

Firstly, students learn skills from master teachings, the master teaches and guides students personally. It is the mainstream way to inherit Chinese cuisine since thousands of years. From material selection, primary processing to cooking, knife and spoon work, all from the master's teaching. When the master teaches the cuisine, he also inherits the cooking virtues and rules, which is an indispensable part of Chinese cuisine inheritance.

The picture comes from the Rising Star Chef Competition, which aims to inherit the excellent Chinese cuisine culture by participating in the culinary competition in the form of master teachings. It is worth mentioning that all kitchen cooking equipment in the competition are provided by Lestov induction cooktops.

Rising Star Chef Competition

The second way is school teaching, it is mainly indoor teaching. The main advantage of school teaching is its systematic theory, which can enable students to establish certain basic skills of technology. Of course, students would need more practice on their skills, so that theory can greatly inspire and promote them.

The picture is from New Oriental Cooking School (Related news: Lestov induction solutions), which dedicates itself to inheriting the Chinese cuisine culture, integrating the essence of Sichuan cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine and other national cuisines, cultivating and training more than 700,000 cooking talents for the society.

Smabo induction solutions: New Oriental Cooking School

In this school, high power commercial induction stoves can be seen because stoves are specially designed for Asian dishes with higher heating cooking, food can be cooked evenly every time and can be meet for 50~500 people dining, to save your cooking space for stir-fries, soups, noodles, steaming and frying, etc.

induction cooktop

The third way is media communication, Books, newspapers, TV, WeChat and other apps are all communication carriers of Chinese food, cooking artist magazine and Oriental food APP for example. Chinese food lovers around the world can learn the cooking basics and download the lessons anytime and anywhere.

Fourth, mutual learning in the kitchens. Everyone has their own technical expertise and learning from each other is the normal state in the kitchen. This is also a basic form of Chinese cuisine inheritance. 

Commercial kitchen solution: Er-He Guan

Example from the bright kitchen demonstration shop in the Er-He Guan, which is a traditional Henan cuisine restaurant. The restaurant is equipped with commercial induction cookers manufactured by Qinxin company and chefs can learn from each other in this demonstration shop.

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