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Commercial automatic cooking machine

As a major product launched in 2022, a new generation of fully automatic cooking machine is a high-tech product that integrates automatic oil filling, seasoning, adjustment of firepower, timing, temperature control, and automatic cleaning. Customer attention.
  • LT-CD300T-A105
  • Lestov

Features & Advantages:

Advantage 1: Non-stick food, uncoated bottom, food grade imported steel

Advantage 2: Low cost of use, no need to replace the pot body, life span of up to 10 years

Advantage 3: No health hazard, no fear of harmful substances released by the coating at high temperature

Advantage 4: Fully automatic spraying, one person can operate multiple machines at the same time

Product Parameter Details:

Countertop Restaurant Automatic Stir-Fryer Cooking Machines



Rated Power


Rated Voltage

220V, Single Phase

Product Size


Roller Diameter


Product Material

Stainless Steel 


Storage 1000 Dishes Function


Smart Voice Service

Package Size


Package Way

Wooden Box


1 Year



Product Details:

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Why choose a Leskov automatic cooking machine?

  • It can provide efficient, standardized, hygienic and healthy dishes.

  • It can quickly complete the cooking of 25KG dishes, which is equivalent to the workload of 5 chefs.

  • From stir-frying, seasoning, cleaning, fully automatic cooking mode is adopted.

  • 1000 recipes to meet the dietary needs of different customers, intelligent cooking.

  • It adopts a 3-layer composite stainless steel non-stick frying pan, which rejects harmful substances in the coated pan without changing the pan.

  • Advanced induction heating technology:

The principle of commercial induction cooker is the high-frequency alternating current generate an alternating magnetic field which is continuously changed  direction by the coil disk, and a vortex is generated inside the pot body in the alternating magnetic field, so the food can be directly cooked by the heat generated from the pot body.

how induction cooker works

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