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Bread Fermentation Machine Dough Proofer Cabinet For Sale

The Bread Dough Retarder Proofers are the perfect environment to keep refrigerated doughs until they are ready to be proofed. Control of temperature and humidity is the key to producing flavorful results. They will stay refrigerated and then switch automatically to proofing mode, saving labor and time before you bake.
  • WFF-36CE
  • Lestov

Product  Details:

Item Model:WFF-36CE
Product Size:1100*1040*2060MM
Tray Size:400*600MM
Material:Stainless steel #201/304
Suitable For:Bakery/The Hotel/The Restaurant/Central Kitchen


  1. The whole machine adopts environmental protection foam insulation layer to heat preservation more.

  2. User friendly/automatic control panel,temperature/humidity/time can be controlled separately, working state is clear.

  3. The hot air circulation technology, special fan system and side pressure make the air in the cabinet convection quickly, the temperature rises steadly, and the fermentation is oven.

  4. With the spray function, the energy saving system generator is adopted to make the temperature and humidity of the warming up process uniform, and save energy and electricity.

  5. Large area double glass window with bright vertical led right inside, easy to adjust at any time.

  6. All stainless steel shell design,not easy to scratch

  7. 36 tray large volume Proofer, saving enery and labor.

  8. Bottom sink design to ensure the temperature humidity, provide the right fermentation environment.

  9. The Caster with brake is easy to move and anti-slip.