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380V Floor Induction Commercial Deep Fryer With Smart Control Panel LT-ZL-F212

  • LT-ZL-F212
  • Lestov

Product details:

Item Model:LT-ZL-F212
Product Size:D450*W800*H800+50mm
Voltage:380V, 3 phase

Net Weight

55 KG
Gross Weight107 KG
Oil Tank Size:D360*W460*H180mm
Oil Tank Capacity:27L
Switch Control Way:Multiple push-button + knob
Package Way:Wooden Box


1.High-quality components: To ensure the equipment's quality, we are very strict in selecting the core components. Such as Germany “Infineon” IGBT, pure copper coil, industrial-grade aerospace terminals.

2.Intelligent control panel: All functions are concentrated on one interface, very simple and convenient to operate. you can quickly and precisely control the oil temperature.

3.Memory menu function: with this function, you can preset the temperature and the cooking time you need and save it as a menu, next time you produce the same food, you can quickly set the number by pushing one button to load the menu. Up to 6 menus can be saved.

4.Dual fan cooling system: two fan high power cooling system can efficiently exhaust the heat generated by the electronic original work, keep the internal temperature cool and extend the life of the components

5.Cross-hanger design: This design is used with the basket, the basket that comes with the deep fryer has a front hook that can perfectly match the cross-hanger. This design is for you to drain the extra oil after you finishing cooking and put the food out of the oil.

6.Heavy-duty European style gravity feet: Provide a high range from 170mm to 210mm for adjustment, you can adjust the higher to a  place you can comfortably operate

7.Access door design: with this design you can easily access the interior to control oil drain and check usage. The deep fryer has a built-in removable basin that can catch the oil from the drain valve makes the oil change and clean more easily.

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