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3500W/5000W Commercial Induction Deep Fryer Single Tank Double Baskets


Product details:

Item Model:LT-TZL
Product Size:D420*W500*H300+30mm
Voltage:220V, Single Phase
Voltage FluctuationFrom 180-240V
Oil Tank Size:D330*W370*H145mm
Oil Tank Capacity:10L
Switch Control Way:Knob+Push-button
Package Way:Carton Box


   ●One-piece cooking control: All commercial induction fryer operations can almost be done on an integrated widescreen control panel. The most highlight comes from 6 dish channels design to preset the frying temperature for different food.

   ●Adjustable voltage from 180v to 240v: This induction deep fryer can work at the electrical connection for a 208v or 220v or 240v, single-phase.

   ●Stainless steel baskets: More durable by using stainless material, good for frequent use. With hook design convenient for draining excess oil after cooking. Heat proof plastic handle bring comfort and safety for the operator.

   ●Anti-slip feet design: the four trumpet-shaped stainless steel feet feature rubber-wrapped design, increasing the safety of the fryer equipment.

   ●Drain valve design:The switch coated with rubber can avoid accidental burns on fingers,  make oil change easier and safer.

   ●Cover pot design: With cover pot, protect the oil from contaminants.

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